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☨ Griime Gliitter ☨

☨ Griime Gliitter ☨

ikissa's art blog. Enjoy

Falling Over and Over

I simply do not fathom why we simple minded humans fall for the same mistakes. Yet we all know we are falling for the same repetitive mistake over and over. We know the pain that we encounter and how much the heart falls out of place. It is different for every single person I suppose because no two people were built the same way but again we all are like in our habits. Do we take the time to learn from our mistakes or are we sick and addicted to the pains the mistakes have brought us?



Go there :I I am not using this anymore. Nope.

Just a character doodle. Please don’t remove the source considering I made the art. thank you.
Art belongs to Casey K. /ikissa
Galaxy Cat Series 01
I am working on a series currently where I draw paint the silhouettes of cats and will include different galaxy/ galaxy patterns with in the silhouettes.
Art belongs to Casey K. (ikissa)
Female Elements Designs 1(Sketches)
I am working on designing some new characters for the based off the elements. So they are just basic sketches. I just wanted to show you guys what I am up to since I didn’t post on Friday ;( I might be making more of these and selling some. Starting from left to right: Nature/Flowers, Fire, and Moon. The last one I am not sure about. She just came out of my head. I’ll probably come up with a different look for the fire girl. She doesn’t float my boat.
She Held the Galaxy in Her Hands
Inspired by an image I once saw on tumblr. A variety of media was used on wood. The back ground was created with acrylic paints. The girl is made of ink and colored pencils.
Galactic Dreamers
A fifteen minute doodle in water colors. I quite enjoy these little creatures. They are floating dreamers.
Oddities Became Reality
Created with water color and ink.
Fear of Flying
Created with a black ball point pen in 6 hours.
Yin and Yang
Created with ball point pen and produced in about 6 hours.
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